SPACES – Carlsberg Byen

150 DKK /day or 15 credits

SPACES is an awesome workspace right in the middle of Carlsberg City, a few minutes away from the center of vibrant Vesterbro. The place had our hearts from the very moment we opened the doors; we know you will feel the same way. Huge windows, rooms filled with light, and a caf prepped to satisfy your cravings on a busy day. Spaces even has small cubicles allowing you to answer important phone calls without any distractions or disturbance.

Location: SPACES is located in Carlsberg Byen in the same district as the famous Carlsberg Brewing company. An up and coming area that has great restaurants close by.

Lunch: Get lunch from the small cafe inside SPACES or venture out to one of the restaurants close by.

Meeting Rooms: Available at a cost.

Must Do: Go to the top floor on a sunny day and enjoy their exceptional roof terrace. Among one of our top spots for remote working in open air. Don’t forget to check the famous elephant gate entrance only a walk away.

Ny Carlsberg Vej 80, 1799 København V

Availability Time

8.30 - 17
8.30 - 17
8.30 - 17
8.30 - 17
8.30 - 16