Ordnung+ (Vestergade)

200 DKK /day or 20 credits

Ordnung+ on Vestergade is set in the old Latin Quarter of Copenhagen. With four floors of open spaces with amazing decorations, the old building on Vestergade has been turned into a coworking heaven. There is even a cool sound-proof room to take private calls or video conference with colleagues or clients. With a coffee machine more expensive than a car, make sure to grab your specialty coffee in the open kitchen area and hang out with your fellow coworkers.

Location: Located practically next to Rådhuspladsen, it’s the perfect workspace to take a stroll down Strøget, Copenhagen’s main street, after you finish your work or need a break. Here you will find a lot of different shops, restaurants, cafés, and bars.

Lunch: Choose from a plethora of food options close by to this workspace. You can even buy lunch and bring it back with you.

How To Get In: Please enter the courtyard and you will see the entrance to Ordnung on your left hand side. Please press the doorbell to enter and the Ordnung reception will let you in.

Meeting Rooms: Available at a cost. Please go to ordnung.nu for more information on availability and price.

Must Do: The workspace has a hidden terrace behind the kitchen. It is not that big, but still fits a few tables and chairs. This little spot is perfect for warm days or when you just need some fresh air.

Vestergade 29, 1456 Copenhagen

Availability Time

8 - 16
8 - 16
8 - 16
8 - 16
8 - 16