25hours – Copenhagen

30 DKK /day or 3 credits

25hours is a brand new hotel in the city center of Copenhagen with the infamous Round Tower as it’s closest neighbor. The hotel is set in the old university building at Pilestræde with its beautiful classical facade right next to the famous shopping street, Strøget. Once you step inside, you’ll be amazed by how colorful and fun this place has been decorated. The Vinyl Room and the Love Library are just a couple of the amazing hidden spots inside the hotel that just make you want to explore the hotel out of pure curiosity and adventure. You’ll find plenty of quirky nooks to be comfortable for either a small meeting or a day of working in a new setting.

What’s Included:

– First barista coffee or tea of your choice (served between 10 am and 10 pm, 10 – 22 for non-Americans, at the Assembly Hall bar only)

– 15% discount on food and beverages

What We Like: The location is absolutely amazing. It’s right in the middle of the old city center of Copenhagen next to the famous shopping street, Strøget. That being said, we love 25hours’ style. They are quirky and stylish at the same time. Fun and fancy, too. It’s just a great destination.

Must Do: Make sure to explore every corner of this place. See if you can find the hidden terrace, the Love Library, or maybe just your favorite hidden spot. The hotel is way bigger than you think.

How To Get Started:

– Show your checked in screen to the reception

– Collect your Joes & Cos Work Pass Badge

– Get yourself a cup of Joe (aka coffee) or tea, which is included, and settle in to your preferred spot

Pilestræde 65, Copenhagen

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