Welcome to Joes & Cos, your key to the best workspaces in the city.

We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, and that you should be able to be productive from wherever, however you want. The idea is simple. We wanted to make an app that allows you to go to any workspace without the hassle of registering at each place, commitment from contracts, and having different payment solutions for each location.

That’s why we’ve created an app, making it possible for you to jump out of bed, check your calendar, and pick your office for the day accordingly.

Morning meeting in the middle of the city? No problem, check the app and you can choose a space in the center of the city.

Feeling uninspired? We recommend that you spend the day at one of our hubs with an ocean view.

Are you stressed out? Grab your to-do list and get stuff done. Many of our spaces have beautiful booths, where you can ​be alone with your laptop or return phone calls without any distractions or disturbances.


Have more questions? Come check out our Help & FAQ section.


Oh, and us?


Joes & Cos was created by Simon Lyngsø with William Restrepo. We believe a community created out of our own love of beautiful spaces and various workflows adds to your inspiration and work/life balance. We welcome you to Joes & Cos an app that lets you do more.



Simon Lyngsø
Founder, Sales and Business Strategy


 Simon is a curious soul always puzzled by how things could be done better or more efficiently. He founded Joes & Cos out of his own need for more flexibility and better choice for locations to work from.

The past decade Simon has been working on digital projects for the public transportation sector building up new business models and solutions around app and web.


William Restrepo
Co-Founder, Finance, Marketing, and Operations


As an entrepreneur with a background in hospitality and services industry, William has supplemented his practical experience with an MBA from the Copenhagen Business School. His need to constantly question the status quo helps create an environment of playful curiosity.

Launching a hotel from the ground up with a self created business plan, William is used  to working under pressure, budgets, and timeframes. He is accustomed to managing all aspects of a project until completion and success of the project.


Joes & Cos ApS is a private limited company incorporated in Denmark, CVR. DK41388811, with our office at Linnésgade 25, DK-1361 Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Joes & Cos App is proudly made in Denmark 🇩🇰 with hygge 🤗

Get productive with Joes & Cos today.