Top 5 cool and exciting meeting rooms for your team in Copenhagen

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Offsite meetings are a great way to get your team into a space that pushes their creative brains, encourages collaboration, and inspires a team feeling outside the office. Copenhagen is not short of meeting rooms, so we’ve curated a selection of some of the best meeting rooms the city has to offer. Whether you’re looking to host a workshop, a team building event, or a brainstorming session, we’re hoping to make your next offsite meeting anything but lackluster with these choices.

Here are our top 5 meeting spaces that will get your team excited:

1. The Glassbox Meet – The Krane

This large meeting space could not be further from the typical hotel conference room. The Krane is raw and stylish. Not only that, it has a fantastic view of the water that will help you and your team clear their minds and kick-start their creativity. You’ll enjoy an impressive 360-degree panoramic view with their giant floor to ceiling windows that gives you an amazing vista that is very unique in the city. This will surely make an impact on your team and guests. Don’t forget to take a break during your day and enjoy the fresh air on the terrace.


2. Chambre – Hotel SP34

Pop into this modern space located in the city center for your next workshop or team gathering for either a formal or informal affair. Part of Hotel SP34, this room is beautifully decorated with warm colors, which gives you a relaxed yet sophisticated feeling. Once inside, you’ll find a big round table surrounded by colorful books on its walls from floor to ceiling, which creates the perfect atmosphere for presenting whatever you need for the day.  Need some catering for the day, no worries, the space can arrange morning or afternoon food and beverage options. Need a break from the meeting, just walk into the hotel for an atmosphere filled with fascinating and surprising furnishings that are meant to arouse curiosity from their interesting art pieces.


3. Studiet

Studiet is located in Østerbro and is perfect for meetings and seminars for up to 25 people. It has big windows with a mirrored ceiling that gives an amazing open and cozy feeling. The space is very versatile and adaptable, which allows you to accommodate the space as you wish and for the task at hand. They also have access to a beautiful garden. The room has an inspiring aesthetic, which will help your team be focused, productive and create new ideas. Studiet can also provide breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee with cakes and fresh fruits.


4. Bronx – Nørrebro Bryghus


Located inside Nørrebro Bryghus in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Copenhagen, you’ll find BRONX, a meeting room furnished with rustic wooden floors, colored walls, and wooden tables. With space for 90 people, the room is ideal for company workshops and smaller conferences with flexible seating with the ability to accommodate their tables to fit your needs. Need a screen to share those big ideas, no worries, there is a projector with an HDMI connection and a loudspeaker system with all the tools you might need for a successful gathering. Nørrebro Bryghus opened their doors for the very first time in 2003 with the goal of making the best quality beer, and now, you can host your meeting in this special space while enjoying a delicious meal and organic craft beer!


5. Klubværelse 1 – Klub

Located in Nørreport, in the heart of Copenhagen, you’ll find Klubværelse 1, with its charming and welcoming atmosphere that comes from its use of great furnishings and decoration. With space for up to 16 people, this room is perfect for any event or meeting and will surely make your team feel comfortable, ready to spend a day working on any new ideas they may have. Not to mention, the room includes all the IT and AV gadgets one can ask for. You can also order delicious catering, too. Here you will experience exceptional service and hospitality as the staff at Klub are ready to tackle any need you may have.

You are now ready to pick your next meeting room. The coolest thing is that all these spaces are available right from the Joes & Cos app. Join us in saying BYE to stale and traditional meeting rooms and HI to amazing spaces that will fill your team with inspiration and excitement.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Joes & Cos is the platform that grants you access to working spaces around Copenhagen to let you work wherever you want, however you want. The app brings you the future of work and lets you create your own work/life balance. Read more here or download the app here.


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