5 Ways To Ensure A Fun, Yet Impactful Meeting

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Make your team meetings amazing with these 5 tips.

Are your LinkedIn feeds and Instagram reels more interesting than the meeting your team is actively participating in? It’s time to bring some excitement to the table. With a creative approach and some planning, a company meeting can have much better results and leave everyone energized and excited. Regardless of whether your team works in an office, hybridly or remotely, the importance of making meetings fun and engaging is necessary to ensure that the time spent will be worth the effort.

With these cool tips, you can crack the code to hosting fun, yet impactful workshops for your team. Let’s go!


Telling your team to dress casually sends a bold message that you are committed to fostering a relaxed atmosphere. The approach leaves attendees much more comfortable which, in turn, creates more energy and increases creativity.



Hubspot pointed out that having fun at the beginning of their meetings, even if it’s only a 5-minute activity, can help lighten the mood. It can be anything from quizzes to charades to marshmallow challenges. This will motivate team members to take their mind off of everyday life and think outside the box for the rest of the meeting.



Ask yourself: WHY are you meeting up and what do you want to get out of the gathering? Once you know your goals, you will then know what type of meeting room will be the perfect option to engage and communicate your goals. To keep the excitement, change the purpose of your meetings once in a while. Maybe one time you want to increase team interaction and bonding – so plan challenges and games that require teamwork. Another gathering can be used for strategy and planning. You choose!




Timing is everything when it comes to office meetings. Don’t plan meetings too close to key deadlines within a business, so your team can focus on the meeting itself. Remember to give them a lot of notice before the event so they can schedule their work around it and be prepared. Also, Andrew Jensen, a business advisor suggested to avoid Mondays and Fridays since many people use these days to get a three-day weekend. Just saying!😉



Keep your meetings fresh by changing up the location once in a while. The unexpected is a great way to make things fun. This also challenges your colleagues to break out of their everyday routines to get their creative juices flowing. A change of scenery can break monotony which in return increases happiness, improves productivity and makes the team excited and relaxed (link to the first blog). Who doesn’t want that? 💁‍♀️

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