The offsite experience: Why fun company get-togethers are key to increasing employee engagement

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A team meeting is more than just pens and papers…


In today’s world, team meetings are a fundamental component of work. However, most of them lack variety and creativity. They fall into a routine, often becoming dull and lacking the engagement needed for a successful encounter. This pattern makes people uninterested and exhausted. According to Business News Daily, “Nothing kills a meeting like monotony.”


Imagine a world where meetings engage senses, open minds, and create higher levels of productivity. What can you gain if you pull your team away from their desks and get them outside the office, out of their comfort zone?


Most of the hard work gets done during meetings, be it brainstorming, strategy talks, training sessions, internal meetings, or workshops. You get the picture. That’s why it’s important to get that work done in a place that inspires and brings out the best you have to give.

A unique meeting room is the first step towards a meaningful and productive discussion. Modern design, surprising features, and visually appealing cues can help you think in different, innovative ways that bring out creativity. This makes your team more productive.

Without an occasional change of scenery, people can fall into patterns that can limit creativity. A study on boredom in the workspace discovered that monotony can give rise to errors, decrease productivity, and lower levels of happiness.

Dr. Maria Gottshalk, an industrial and organizational psychologist, who has studied the effects of space on workplace behavior, says, “Visual surroundings energize us to become more creative, innovative and engaged.”

It shouldn’t be that the staff HAS to participate in the meeting, it is important to make them WANT to be part of it. It stands to reason that the design and feel of a meeting room should be a top priority allowing the venue to inspire colleagues and help them think outside the box or “outside the office” as Simon and William, founders of Joes & Cos would say. “The experience should excite them.”

Gary Devlin, the events manager at Radisson Blu Hotel London stated in Business Matters that if employees feel lacking in motivation, but know that they’ll have an offsite meeting, they will become more involved the next day and be propelled to work harder.

An inspiring meeting room, with its unique and curated design, is core to what we believe is important to our customers at Joes & Cos. We believe that this allows people to generate fresh ideas and is an important part of the experience. Gone are the days when having access to a white-walled room, pens, and a whiteboard is enough. It’s time to offer your team something they want to be part of.


Let’s face it, people are the core of any business and without an awesome staff, there is no awesome business.


In this competitive landscape that we live in, it’s crucial to keep your talent excited to work with you. This requires companies to offer their team an environment that promotes creativity, ownership, and trust in every part of the business. A study by the University of Warwick found that happy, well-balanced staff are more productive. Plain and simple.

At times, there’s a need for a neutral place that’s outside the office. Other times, an office field trip is needed to boost morale. That’s why we believe Joes & Cos is the solution for the workplace blues. We built a platform where everyone can access inspirational locations from workspaces to meeting venues. We want to bring the wow back to meetings.


On the Joes & Cos app, you can find a variety of offsites for your teams to collaborate, brainstorm and create.


You now have access to the most inspiring, spectacular, and outgoing meeting rooms and team experiences in one app.

If you’re looking to shake up your company meetings, and gatherings in an effective, yet fun way, download our app and book the most spectacular meeting rooms in Copenhagen.

You can work hard and have fun too. Every single team member plays a key role in your company’s success today and into the future. A memorable offsite experience can really help keep the team connected, excited, and engaged.


“A meeting room is not just a room, it’s a place where you spend a full working day. It’s important for that experience to be noteworthy and inspiring. The meeting rooms on the Joes & Cos platform are chosen specifically to achieve that goal. We’re all about uncovering unusual and cool venues to help you and your team get the most out of your meeting. We want to make sure that you come back from the amazing experience that you have. Remember the days when field trips were just plain awesome and you couldn’t wait for one. We’re bringing that back!”

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Joes & Cos is the platform that grants you access to working spaces around Copenhagen to let you work wherever you want, however you want. The app brings you the future of work and lets you create your own work/life balance. Read more here or download the app here.


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