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There is no doubt about it. Copenhagen is the place to be. The startup scene is booming. The city is being recognised as a must go-to place. Even the expats decide to stay on after their contracts run out. But Copenhagen is still quite small and meeting new people in this city has never been one of its strong qualities. We’ve decided to give you a hand. Here is the Joes & Cos top 5 must attend events in Copenhagen that will guarenty a bit of socialising too.

1. Tech BBQ

The Danish summer is the best time of year. People come out of their caves all excited and enthusiastic about finally being able to socialise a bit. Tech BBQ is a bit like that. It’s a kind of Copenhagen startup scene getting out of their cave get together. A meetup with like minded creators, entrepreneurs, and go-getters. And the best thing: it is everything but Jante Lov or “the Jante Law” known to kill ambition and dreams. Here it is all about showing how amazing your project is. It’s about meeting people. And it’s about having a laugh.

Bonus info: Tech BBQ is a paid event. It is fairly expensive so if you are bootstrapped see if there isn’t a free ticket to collect. Usually the sponsors (look at their home page) tend to promote their sponsorship by handing out a few free tickets if you sign up to their newsletters.

Venue: Øksnehallen, Copenhagen

Date: Usually end September

Home page: TechBBQ

2. PreSeed Academy

Another awesome get together for startups and creators alike is the Pre-Seed Academy. It’s running all year long. Usually with 1-2 monthly gatherings. It’s free to attend but can be sold out as it is very popular. They organise topics ranging from “The Road to Data Driven Growth” to “Legal aspects of running a startup”. Usually great topics – and usually a great way to meet other like minded people too.

Bonus info: They usually serve food and drinks too which makes it a great after work venue if you didn’t have time to catch diner beforehand!

Venue: Usually a new venue every time

Date: about 1-2 times per month

Home page: Preseed Academy

3. Fuckup Nights Copenhagen

On a more fun note “Fuckup Nights” is also a great meetup worth attending. It’s a global movement that want you to “embrace failures by sharing them with others.” They usually have a monthly event with 3 keynote speakers who share some of their biggest failures in business and personal life. It can be both deep and fun but, most of all, it is a great occasion to come out and meet brave people who dare to share their failures.

Bonus info: Set time aside for a beer afterwards. It’s usually an event where people stay around for some chit chat and mingling.

Venue: changes every time

Date: about once a month

Home page: Fuckup Nights

4. Pecha Kucha Copenhagen

Another event on the more fun scale is “Pecha Kucha” which means something like chit chat in Japanese. Pecha Kucha is also a global movement which has won the hearts of millions of people. The format is simple: a presenter gets to show 20 slides for 20 seconds making the presentation take 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total. It’s fast, fun, and a great format to showcase ideas and projects to a large gathering.

Bonus info: Due to its international popularity it’s a great way to meet foreigners living in Copenhagen.

Venue: lately it’s been held at Absalon

Date: Usually once per month

Home page: Pecha Kucha

5. Live Your Legend

And last but not least we strongly recommend “Live your legend“. You need to sign up to their Meetup Group to see when the next events are up. They usually host 1-2 events per month about deeper topics like how to believe in yourself and how to start follow your dreams. Don’t be scared. You only go as far as you feel comfortable.

Bonus info: These are smaller gatherings so you will almost certainly get to meet some of the other attendees at these meetups.

Venue: changes from time to time

Date: uasually 1-2 times per month

Home page: Live Your Legend

If you have a couple of great events to share with us all don’t be shy to add them in the comments below.

Thanks for sharing 🤗

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