The people-first platform with

that inspire

Choose from amazing Meeting Rooms and Drop-in Workspaces all from one app.

Joes & Cos is your all-in-one workspace solution of your dreams, letting you become the next office hero.

Stunning meeting rooms

Discover spectacular meeting rooms for your workshops, off-sites or kick-offs. Now companies of all sizes have their go-to solution for amazing offsite experiences.

You bring your team. We bring the “wow”.


Get access to unique on-demand workspaces all over Copenhagen. Choose from a variety of locations that bring out the best in you and your team. 

No need to be tied to a single workspace when the perfect spot is just a check-in away.


Workspaces and meeting rooms are just a taste of what Joes & Cos has to offer. Join us for our events and Friday bars and never miss an opportunity to network with other unique individuals just like you.

Work is more than just a nice desk and good Wi-Fi, it’s just as much about meeting new people and expanding the horizon.

Your third space

Joes & Cos is your key to the best offsites and drop-in workspaces in the city.

With our app, you’re never bound to one location. You’re free to explore the beautiful city Copenhagen.
How great does that sound!

Change the way you meet & work

Plenty of locations to choose from

Quick and easy booking process

Everything you need in one app



Choose from the coolest off-sites and stylish drop-in workspaces that suit your mood and needs.


Check in to your office for the day or start your booking request for that perfect meeting room.

Get Productive

Now the magic comes from within. Settle down, have a cup of joe, and get productive. All you need to do is show up!

Why should your team use JOES & COS?

Simplicity At Its Best

Hate wasting time gathering meeting room options for your team? With Joes & Cos, calling each venue separately is a thing of the past. Our app consolidates all the options you could ever ask for.

Supercharge Your Team’s Productivity

Boring meetings holding you back? We offer amazing locations for your next offsite. With venues that inspire, your next meeting will be a success with Joes & Cos.

Growing Pains?

No need for a bigger office with Joes & Cos. Choose from a collection of on-demand workspaces for your team and connect with all from our app. Perfect for hybrid work too ready for the future.


JOES & COS IS perfect for you if…

You put people first

You think outside the office

You are considering reducing your current office space

Your teams need professional spaces to meet and work from

You’re excited by change and want your company to be at the forefront of the hybrid revolution


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